Culinary Travel at its Best!

“I think food, culture, people and landscape are all absolutely inseparable.” – Anthony Bourdain

Seeing historic sites, immersing yourself in the destination, meeting locals are key parts of travel. But you can’t truly appreciate the culture without trying the cuisine! Foodies understand that the unique flavors of each destination broaden horizons—and your taste buds. We’ve gathered 45 foods from around the world. From momos in Nepal to poutine in Canada, these dishes feature local cooking techniques and flavors worth traveling the globe for!*

Here’s the list for foodies traveling around the world

Argentina: Churrasco con chimichurri
Austria: Wiener schnitzel
Australia: Pavlova
Belgium: Moules-frites
Brazil: Feijoada
Boston: Cannoli from Mike’s pastries
Canada: Poutine
Chile: Empanadas
China: Jiaozi
Costa Rica: Gallo Pinto
Chicago: Deep Dish Pizza
Czech Republic: Goulash with dumplings
Denmark: Smørrebrød
Egypt: Falafel
England: Fish and chips
France: Bouillabaisse
Germany: Cheese Spätzle
Greece: Moussaka
Hawaii: Poke
India: Tandoori Chicken
Ireland: Champ
Israel: Shawarma and baba ghanoush
Italy: Neapolitan Pizza
Jamaica: Jerk Chicken
Japan: Katsudon
Mexico: Enchiladas with mole
Morocco: Tagine
Nashville: Hot chicken
Nepal: Momos
Norway: Fårikål
Peru: Ceviche
Poland: Pierogie
Portugal: Pasteis de nata
Russia: Borscht
Spain: Paella (see Meg’s paella recipe here!)
Singapore: Chili crab
Lucia: Roti
Sweden: Meatballs
Switzerland: Fondue
South Africa: Bobotie
Thailand: Pad Thai
Tunisia: Shakshouka
Turkey: Manti
Turks & Caicos: Conch salad (or fritters!)
Vietnam: Pho

*But be warned: after tasting these dishes in the local country, you’ll become the person that says, “This [insert dish] is great, but it really doesn’t compare to the one I had in [country of origin].”

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